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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
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I believe in Astrology and Tarot Cards, because they help me to solve not only my problem, but also yours, because they alter our thoughts to go from thinking in the same way to thinking differently. They help me embrace the spirit of Einstein's quote. Hopefully, through this website, Astrology, Tarot, and Carlos, your thoughts will differ enough to solve the problems you face, too.

Tarot Reading

Tarot: The ancient art of divination that enables you to gain a fresh perspective and spiritual insight on matters of love, relationships, career, finance, your future, and more. Get answers to your questions with a little help from one of our gifted psychic tarot readers.

Meet Carlos

Hey there! Welcome to Carlos' Astrology and Tarot website. You may be like me by wondering how to make the most of your lot in life. If so, then help me help you by offering my services both as a Tarotist and Astrologer. I, Carlos, have had many years of volunteer experience in both. With these tools, I hope to not only help you make the most of your potential, but also to have more fun living life well. What is it about me that you may decide to pay for my services rather than somebody else? Firstly, I am competitive. All the others out there, may lack my inner fi\re and their services reflect this. Secondly, I frequently pray to God each time I offer aid. This way He too may light your path. Thirdly, I am lucky enough to have my Sun in Pisces. This means I am blessed with Psychic abilities.

You may be wondering how Tarot cards work. If so, then hopefully, this explanation suffices for you. First, I will tell you how it does not work. Imagine if you will a train schedule. You can see the times when the next train will arrive. Well, Tarot does not work like that. As gifted as I am, I am unable to give a date when something will happen. The closest I, or they, come is to tell you if something is happening right now, if it already happened, or if it will happen.

I have found the Tarot work rather well when weighing options. They show the context that surrounds the path leading to the execution of the option. This has great effect. First, if one outcome is better than another, then of course pick the path with the best outcome. Secondly, when you have an idea of the context, it makes it much easier to prepare for them, both if they are good and if they are bad. If I have not convinced you of how valuable Tarot cards can be, then please by all means find out for yourself by hiring me to show you just how valuable a tarot reading can be.


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– Carlos

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