Aries is the first of any sign to appear in Roman Astrology. He is both a cardinal and fire sign. There are 3 fire signs:

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius

Aries has several distinguishing characteristics. Firstly, all three fire signs are self-expressive. He manifests this by initiating things, typically before his brothers. Both Aries and Leo have huge egos. Aries is like the seasoned general and Leo the king. They both take great pride in their deeds. They each take it personally, when others base their suggestions on the air in the glass.

When Carlos stops being lazy, he will create a page for this witty anecdote. For now, hopefully, this description of the glass being half full and half empty suffices. He makes the assumption, that if you view the glass as half full, then you value the Water in the glass. It grants you hope, peace, and whatever other emotions you want to feel. Whereas the Air in the glass is not nearly as valuable to you as the Water. In the case of deeds and how Leo and Aries define them, it is normal to be concerned with deeds that count against them. It is prudent to acknowledge them. Unfortunately, when the emphasis is placed on the absence of a deed instead of the actual deeds, Aries and Leo both take this more personally than most signs. Ironically, given this metaphor, the Air in the glass is more likely to put out the flame than the Water.

Given how they each are wounded when others invalidate their deeds, you may be wondering what distinguishes Aries from Leo. Well, Carlos can hardly blame you, because he is wondering the same thing himself. From what he has seen, Aries is quicker to judge others than Leo. He is more impulsive. Both of these characteristics are his way of behaving as a Cardinal Sign. Granted they are both judgmental, and just as likely sugarcoat their judgments. Regardless, Aries seems to judge more openly than Leo, most of the time.

Once again thanks to Aries being a Cardinal sign, he is quite likely to have too many ongoing projects. For him, he accepts his impulsive and impatient nature. By having too many projects, he is able to switch them at his leisure. This way inspiration may strike during the execution of a second project. It is up to you if you characterize his impulsiveness as a strength or weakness. However, be forewarned, if your speech makes it sound like a weakness, you ought to keep in mind his sharp tongue.