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Gods and Goddesses – Rulers of Sign(s)

One of the tools Carlos finds helpful when imagining Astrology is to imagine either a mansion or a planet. For now, he will do his best to stick with the mansion parable. Imagine in the mansion there is a vast array of rooms. Almost everything one can include in a house, is included in this house. There is a swimming pool, pool table, tennis court, basketball court, soccer field, track, numerous living rooms, bedrooms each with its own private bath and shower. Like Carlos says, a vast array of rooms.

There are enough rooms for each of the Roman Gods and the signs themselves. Mars, who also goes by Ares, has his own room. He also is frequently found either in his study, writing whatever, or martial arts studio.

Then there is Apollo. You may find him playing the Lyre, which his brother Mercury crafted for him, or negotiating a business deal in his study. You may even find him up on stage rehearsing his latest role as an actor in some upcoming movie. After all, Apollo thrives on public and private recognition.

Next, is Luna, the goddess of the Moon. She rules Cancer. In her study, you would either find her writing a journal about how to heal others or consulting anyone in need of spiritual or psychological therapy. Plus, she loves to go for a dip in the pool.

Then there is Mercury, who is also called Hermes. He is the messenger of the Gods. Good luck finding him, because he loves to run from one room to the next. His kinesthetic motion is enough to make Carlos’ head spin. Even though Aries has difficulty focusing on one subject at a time, the same is true of Hermes. He prides himself on the broadness of his mind. When others grow wary of his frenetic pace, you will find him either on the track or in his study. It just depends on how dizzy he feels upon leaving them alone.

Next in the line up is Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. She embodies the female anima. Granted, Luna is another aspect of what makes a woman a mother. The key difference between Luna and Aphrodite is Luna symbolizes an external entity. Whereas, Aphrodite is how a woman sees her inner woman. This may be the reason why Aphrodite, according to mythology, is older than Zeus. A woman is a woman longer than she is a mom. Just like her siblings, she also has a study. Plus, she also has a museum, a karaoke bar, an actual bar, and a studio to create works of art. In her study, she is likely to give legal advice, because she is the ruler of Libra. Libra excels in government and judicial endeavors.

You may have noticed that each room, where one finds a specific god or goddess is sometimes shared by other gods or goddesses. Furthermore, the sign they rule helps determine the nature of the room. For example, in the case of Apollo, whose planet is actually a luminary (more commonly called the Sun), he rules Leo. Leo has a love of drama, business deals, and public recognition. Unfortunately, the Sun is sometimes without mercy, which is on occasion expressed in Leo. They both are linked by their love of good deeds. They rely on others to recognize those good deeds. This is mentioned on Aries page on this website at: Apollo, even though he rules Leo, is a great business person in general. Whereas Leo is great, when his heart is involved. This means, Leo once his heart is involved in a sale, momentarily becomes a salesperson. Otherwise, he varies significantly from Apollo.

Skipping over Mars, because he was already mentioned, is Zeus. He also goes by the name of Jupiter. Jupiter dabbles in everything. He is generally fond of company. Zeus may spar with Ares (Mars) in the martial arts studio. He may even go swimming with Poseidon in the pool. Plus, he may offer advice to Aphrodite as she ponders legal issues. It is possible to call him a jack of all trades, but that title is taken by Mercury. Unlike Mercury, Zeus has mastered them all. This is why Zeus, in this imaginary mansion, is King. When he is on his own in his study, he philosophizes. He randomly picks a subject and perhaps a problem, then he writes, writes, and writes some more. When he is done writing, he discovers something new about the subject. Perhaps, he also solves the problem to his utmost satisfaction. Most of his time is spent being neighborly with the other Gods and Goddesses.

Just after Zeus is Saturn. Saturn is the second oldest of the gods living in this mansion. He is the father of Zeus. He was a rigid taskmaster. Was, because Zeus put him in his place. He is still a rigid taskmaster, but thanks to Zeus he is more flexible. Much like Capricorn, the sign he rules, he has a love of details. He is adept in the kitchen. Plus, he is a gifted scientist. He has a love of information technology and medical services. Furthermore, he is good at keeping this family financially solvent as their accountant. When those duties are done for the day, he also excels at giving legal advice about the law. Course, when he does this his rigid taskmaster side reappears. Unlike his son Zeus, Saturn is introverted. He spends more time alone. Yet, he does enjoy socializing too.

Next is Neptune, who also calls himself Poseidon. He rules Pisces, Carlos’ favorite sign. Though Carlos being Carlos also claims he has no favorites, because he believes in equanimity. When the scales tip in favor of equanimity in his case, he acknowledges all signs are equally gifted. It is just easier for him to acknowledge the gifts granted by Pisces, because she is his Sun sign. Even though this page is a dedication to his imagination and his Piscean nature, this room is Neptune’s / Poseidon’s room.

Uranus is the grandpa of Poseidon and Zeus. He rules Aquarius. The rooms where he resides allow him to focus on various subjects. As the oldest being living in the mansion, he was there when the stars were born. This means he has a love of both astrology and astronomy. Yes, he has a room devoted to viewing the stars. Secondly, he is very much into natural sciences. Just as Aquarius’ waters symbolize truth, his pursuit of natural scientific knowledge grants him the ability to water us here on Earth with their truth. Given, him being the Sky God, he has a room devoted to avionics. He also sometimes shares others rooms, when it comes to the arts. The arts allow him to show his humanitarian side through poetry, music, and/or acting.

Neptune is the older brother of Zeus. He rules the ocean and most of the waters. Poseidon is an emotional god. He, too, does well in the medical fields, psychology, sciences, and arts. What makes him stand apart from the other gods is his compassion. He shares this trait with Pisces. Both of them are psychic. Much like Luna, Neptune has a fondness for arts and crafts. He sometimes is the family barber, because this is a never ending work of art. At other times, he holds art exhibits. When this happens he shows off his museum annex and his Aunt Aphrodite’s as well. Though he is usually thoughtful enough not to call her auntie, because she hates being thought of as old. Lastly, he, too, has a love for justice. In his case, he seeks justice to nourish people’s belief in mercy and compassion.

Pluto also sometimes calls himself Hades. He, both the God and his Planet, rule Scorpio. He was also the son of Saturn. Thanks to Zeus (Jupiter) he was freed from Saturn’s tyranny as a rigid taskmaster. Unfortunately, Hades is a bit of a tyrant himself. Pluto and Mars both rule Scorpio. Pluto provides the emotional aspects of Scorpio. His room is in the basement. Down in the basement he is free to play emotionally expressive music. Plus, he is adept at finding out secrets and keeping them. Unlike Poseidon, who is known as the God of illusions, Hades makes it known that he is keeping secrets. It is also clear he will not easily share them. The main reason he loves the basement it is a good place for soothing cold after the Sun goes down or during the hotter months of the year, when heat is distracting. The cold helps him regenerate.

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In the case of Uranus and Saturn, Carlos found “The 4 Best Careers for Your Zodiac Signs” useful. As he currently sees it, the name of the planet is shared with a Roman God or Goddess. If one considers a God or Goddess as one entity and their name along with the planet of the same name as a second entity, then both of them rule one or two signs. For example, Jupiter is the name of both a planet and a Roman God. They are in effect two entities. Both Jupiter the God and Planet rule Sagittarius. Carlos places the emphasis on the God or Goddess that rules the sign, because it is easy to imagine them living in a huge mansion.

Personification of Signs – living in imaginary mansion

At first, Carlos finds it easiest to imagine each sign. They each have their own room. When they enter the room of a God or Goddess, this explains the interaction between the God or Goddess. However, in Astrology, as a planet enters a sign, then it as if the god (in the imaginary mansion) enters the room controlled by that sign. This parable is useful for those with a vivid imagination, because it allows them to imagine an aspect in his or birth chart. Lastly, please note, Carlos (at least for now) puts a huge emphasis on the gifts one receives from his or her birth chart. When the person using this site becomes aware of this gift, they are introduced to this page. This page introduces them both to the mansion and to the rooms controlled by the gods, goddesses, and signs. Once you are comfortable interacting one one with them, then go to the specific page about how the sign behaves in the god’s, or goddess’ room. Or you may visit the specific page