Birth of Gemini – Prologue

Hey there everyone,

The only part of Birth of Gemini that I will allow for public consumption is the prologue.

Before the Universe is created by God:

In the beginning there was God and his messengers. These messengers are sometimes, okay frequently, called Angels. 
One angel in particular fell in love with one of the Greek Gods, because he helped turn the tide of battle. His 
name was (and still is) Hermes. Together they had a child and named the child Hermiel. This story, my story, 
is written from the point of view of Hermiel.

Before the universe was even born, there was a very rebellious and prideful angel named Lucifer. On one fateful 
day, Lucifer was present when God addressed all the angels with the plan of Redemption. Lucifer being as 
prideful as he is told God, "I will be the one to execute the plan of redemption, and all beings will go to 
God did not like the plan, because he wanted beings to have free will. He did not want to force them into 
doing anything. He wanted them to choose to go to Heaven. Luckily, one other being spoke. This guy is the son 
of God. He said, "Father, please let me develop the plan of redemption. I will teach humans and other beings 
about kindness and mercy. So they only need to believe in me to get into Heaven." 
God's heart swelled as he listened to his son, and assented to his son's plan. 
Lucifer, a being even older than God, hated that God picked his son's plan. He felt jealousy towards him, 
and did not understand why God picked a plan that would not ensure all beings made it into Heaven. So he plotted 
his rebellion, and with his charm he was able to convince 1/3 of all angels to side with him in this rebellion.
Fast Forward to the time when God and Lucifer fight each in a heated duel. Even after being a part in a battle 
that raged between Demons and Angels, Lucifer still had much of his stamina. It was as if the harder he 
fought the more stamina he gained. He could battle for all of time and never grow weary. 
Despite all of his stamina and other abilities, Lucifer was fighting a losing battle with God. He knew he would 
never win this battle, but for pride's sake he kept on fighting. Inside of Lucifer was a seed of pride, it was 
a literal and physical seed planted there, right beside his heart. When he refused to listen to reason, this 
seed sprouted several tendrils. At first the tendrils grew slowly and some of them wrapped around Lucifer's heart. 
So even though Lucifer loved God, his love rapidly decreased, because of his pride. With the tendrils 
encompassing his heart, his heart could no longer break. He no longer felt sympathy or love for anything but 
himself. Now his emotions were only fueling his pride.
The seed grew even more rapidly as time passed, so a couple more tendrils penetrated and replace his lungs. Before the seed had been planted, Lucifer could sing more beautifully than any angel. He would constantly sing God's praises. Okay, maybe not constantly, but frequently. He did have to eat at times, too you know.
When he was no longer able to sing at all, the same two tendrils shot outwards and encircled his bones leading up to his shoulders, and then down through his arms. They kept spiraling around the bones making them more reinforced unimaginably. His broad shoulders and bustling biceps became even bigger, and stronger than before. Unfortunately, Lucifer became even slower. He was no longer able to land a blow on God. 
Once God saw what was happening to Lucifer, he felt sorry for him. He knew that Lucifer's pride had gotten the better of him. Now that Lucifer's heart was lost to him, he cried a very might cry. This cry opened up a rift, and the universe was born. This rift was right beneath Lucifer, and Lucifer fell through it. 
As the Universe was being born, stars and planets came into being. For me it felt like a very long time, but according to God it only took one of his days for each to occur. 
Lucifer landed on a planet, planet Hades. As he fell from Heaven he went from a truly beautiful being to a truly hideous tree. This tree no longer even came close to resembling the once beautiful being known as Lucifer. It was sometimes a tree, and other times not a tree. At other times the tree's branches would move about of their own volition. These branches metamorphisised into snakes. Some of the snakes departed the tree, but the vast majority of them had no desire to leave. Two snakes in particular decided to explore the cosmos and breath life into several planets. 
In one particular section of the cosmos, they created a series of planets, that not only orbited a twin set of stars, but these planets did more than follow a typical orbit. These planets would rise and fall as if an unknown force caused their motion to be three dimensional.
When the snakes were done populating the cosmos with planets and stars, they formed a figure eight and vanished.
Shortly after this happened, I am told by God, I left my parents loving home, and went on a journey. Many angels have guessed at why I would leave my parents, but their guesses were just that, guesses. I left my house, because I grew weary of hearing how Lucifer corrupted 1/3 of all angels. I grew weary of hear people complain about him, and how some of them vowed vengeance on Lucifer. Plus, I knew from being around the Son of God, that he secretly wanted to forgive Lucifer for rebelling against God. This being felt responsible for causing that rift between Lucifer and God. I knew he thought that if he did not present his plan of redemption in the first place, then Lucifer would never have felt pride that his plan would better than the plan of God's son.
So with a heavy heart, and a vow to end the war between God's angels as well as Satan's angels, I left Heaven. After journeying the cosmos for a long while, I finally found a pair stars in a particular section of Heaven. These stars were surrounded by several planets, which not only orbited the two stars, but they also rose and fell. This rise and fall reminded me of Lucifer, because not only did he rise to power, but he also fell from the Heavens. So I determined to populate one planet in particular with life. Then I named this planet Aether. Those of you reading my tale in the distant future, may look up the word Aether. It is a Latin word, which means "The air the gods breath." 
There will come a day in the history of Aether, that four Aetherians would be born, two of them would be born in one family, and the other two would be born in a different family. These two sets of Aetherians would each be identical twins. These twins would be my, Hermiel's, avatars, and on Planet Aether, these twins would eventually be gods.  This is why I thought Aether would be an appropriate name for the planet, because one day my avatars (IE Gods made of flesh and bone) would breath the air of Aether.
So even though the book you now hold in your hands is my tale, it is told through the mouths of my avatars.