Name Chart



Canceria is the name of a nation in Gemini’s Saga. Seeing how Cancer is feminine, introverted, intuitive sign, I will address her as her. For all this to make sense, you may want to visualize her as a person. This way you are able to sense her throughout your daily life, at least when you ponder the various gifts her spirit brings. You are powerful because you have a spirit. Yet, when you feel Canceria’s spirit, then you go from a soloist to a team.


-> Determination – Cancerians are blessed with a surplus of determination. Granted, this strength grows with time, because they learn what battles are worth fighting and which ones ought to be labeled lost causes. Luckily, 9 is a mental number, which means the ideals, ambitions, and authority she grants are on a mental level. When one learns to fight the right fight, this imbues one with increased authority.

Soul’s Urge – 7

When one embraces the Cancerian Spirit, then one yearns for the same things she does. 7, which is Canceria’s SU, symbolizes a strong need to be proactive, practical, and well-organized. The 7 is on the practical, physical, and proactive plane. It differs from the 1 and 4 because the 7 prefers to learn by dancing to the beat of his own drummer. Another hallmark’s side effect is hypocrisy. It has little problem insisting others be disciplined. Yet, it hates when others insist upon disciplining it.


  1. Learning by doing.
  2. Weeding out concepts that are impractical.
  3. Continuously becoming more and better organized.
  4. There are times, when it is good to dance to the beat of your own drum. 7 grants you strength when you feel the need to be self-absorbed.


  1. Crossing the line of hypocrissy by shoving one’s philosophy down other people’s throats.
  2. Lacking discipline.
  3. Insisting on doing solo acts when it is clear one needs to be a team player.

Outer Expression – 2

The 2 is on the emotional-spiritual plane. She grants intuition, harmony, and solace as one interacts with Mother Nature. Canceria, just like everywhere on Aether, is rural. It is not obvious which nations have a strong preference to spend time hiking, fishing, swimming, or otherwise being outdoors, but if Canceria went from a 3rd world country to modern-day, it would be obvious, because local and national parks would have more hustle and bustle than cities do. This level of interaction is why Cancerians long for harmony. Rather, this satisfies their need to feel harmony.


  1. Upgraded intuition.
  2. Encourages harmony
  3. Enforces laws that encourage tree huggers to keep on hugging trees.

Whole Name – 9

Canceria’s WN is 9. 9 is the last number to appear on the mental plane. When one proactively listens to 9, one adopts its mentality. This means, one is more idealistic, ambitious, and authoritative. Going back to Canceria’s introduction may remind you to feel her spirit. 9 symbolizes how she thinks and ironically 9 is a masculine number, in that 9 is ruled by Mars. Of further interest, is when you read Gemini’s Saga you will see Canceria struggles to be matriarchal. Too many outspoken male Cancerians act like women are inferior to men, yet each one of them is put in their place.

What does all this tell you about Carlos and Canceria’s WN 9? Firstly, he is ambitious. He wants women to be granted stronger footing to put men in their place. He looks forward to the day when Hillary or some woman becomes president of the USA. Secondly, Cancerian women are determined to support businesses run either by women or men willing to let women lead. When they are granted the choice, and it is practical to choose, then they favor women. As they rely on this ideal their authority grows because their actions are an expression of their willingness to worship the Cancerian spirit.