Even though, Carlos is very much interested in Numerology, he only uses this logos to fill in the gaps created by his limited understanding of Astrology and Tarot. The nicer thing about Numerology is it takes into account a person’s name. Plus, thanks to his Gemini Ascendant, he has fun performing various calculations. This sense of fun also stems from his being aware that the more work one puts into something, the easier it is to remember it in the long run. This is the result of our brains being heavily influenced by associations. Furthermore, if you have an interest in Numerology and wish to apply what you know, then feel free to comment on what you believe is Carlos’ Ruling number.

There are three main techniques when it comes to a person’s name. In all three techs, there are 11 values, which he commonly uses. These will be discussed in the form of examples throughout the three techniques. Then they will be abstracted in the summary. The first is the Soul’s Urge (SU). This technique focuses on the vowels in the name(s) in question. It may make sense to find out the individual and collective Soul’s Urges. This way one is granted a fuller appreciation of both his or her name and the experiences that are associated with those names. The second technique is Outer Expression (OE). The third combines the first two and it is the Whole Name Number (WNN).

For now, please note, I am heavily pirating from The Complete Book of Numerology. One of Carlos’ strongest desires is to distinguish one number from those that reside on the same plane. For example, 1 resides on the same plane as 4 and 7. This means all three reside on the Physical, Proactive, Practical, and frequently well-Organized Plane.

1 – One (Ann, Chad, Jack, Barb, and Jan)

The first value is a one. This one happens the least often, because it only happens in names with a singular vowel, and the vowel must be the letter ‘A’. If your name has a Soul’s Urge of 1, then you are granted the gift of artistic freedom. This gift unlocks your sense of freedom. Right now, I don’t know how this differs from the 4 or 7. The 7 has a strong urge to forge its path by learning through doing. Plus, the 7 desires to break free from the crowd by learning on its own.

In terms of mother nature, there are four elements. The first element, at least according to Roman Astrology, is Fire. If this is your current favorite element, then the analogy would be a spark becoming a flame. The same is similar when it comes to relying on your deeper sense of freedom. Fire tends to consume fuel. In your case, you may want to create several sketches. The ones you love ought to go into your collection of sketches. The others you may want to store for a month or more so you may reassess whether your first impulse is sincere. This way, you get the ball rolling swiftly, and just as swiftly, you build upon that impulse. Before you know it, the impulse went from something impulsive to embroiling expression. Firstly, you may notice it when you seek freedom. You are typically more sensitive to this feeling than most. Secondly, to temper this sensitivity, you may want to explore Mother Nature. Plus, it also helps to learn your limits when it comes to meeting deadlines and undertaking projects that focus on personal artistic expressions. All this means you may define however you see fit how your sensitivity to freedom affects you. The part about you being sensitive is a given. However, how you express it shows the world its effects.

2 – Two (Anna, Santa, Adam, and Elizabeth)

When a name has a Soul’s Urge (SU) of 2, then the emphasis is on balance and harmony. Did you notice Libra’s spirit in terms of balance and harmony? Just as Libra frequently is conscious of these terms, those with a Soul’s Urge of 2, are as well. One of the problems Libra faces is over vs. underthinking things. There are times when you emphasize others’ suggestions. This has two noteworthy consequences. The worst is indecision. This happens, when you merely keep thinking the same thoughts, instead of creating a list of reasons. I find, when I note I have thought the same thought twice, in the process of brainstorming, I need to apply cohesion to the brainstorming. This shows me how the thoughts relate to each other and the big picture. From there, I can overcome overthinking. This leads us to the second noteworthy consequence of emphasizing others. In this case, the best scenario is fully acknowledging how you have done the right thing. Instead of deliberating over 5+ details, you know yourself, your environment, etc, and just do it. Either way, you learn to listen to your own intuition.

Another aspect of SU( . . . ) = 2, is the emphasis on harmonizing with Nature. In case you had not noticed, I vastly prefer Nature to its alternative. Nature is frequently more natural and more authentic. Granted, artificial items are great and necessary, the problem I face with both is how I perceive them. With Natural items, I am more likely to take responsibility for my perception than otherwise. This stems from the fact that I know natural items are beautiful. They are authentic. The more authentic I become by harmonizing and resonating with those sentiments, the easier it is for me to see that beauty. My guess is this stems from the fact that I have a long list of times when nature has resonated with me more than artificial goods. How true is all of this for you?

3 – Three (Amanda, Joanne, and Samantha)

This is the first of three values, which resides on the Higher Plane. Please note, even though 3 is higher than 1 and 2, it is just as likely to err as them. To exacerbate things, one is most likely to apply context to how one erred, either at the beginning of the day or the end, because at least here in America, we tend to do damage control for an instant to prevent a comedy of errors. Furthermore, 3 has its roots in the mental plane. One’s mind heavily influences business and professional activities. When one uses the gifts granted by his, her, or their Soul’s Urge of 3, then one successfully weaves one’s feelings, thoughts, and assessments well. As Carlos sees it, the difference between thoughts and assessments has to do with concrete and abstract details. Thoughts are frequently abstract. They have only been tied to the real world thanks to assessments. Assessments may also be abstract, but they have more to do with reality than thoughts.

Unlike with a SU of 2, a 3 focuses more on self-promotion.

4 – Four (Sunam, Una, Paul, and Stuart)