Numerology – Birth Date and Time

Imagine, if it pleases you, the birth chart for someone whose birthday is March 20, 1978. Numerology would take this date and convert it into a table as shown below.







There are several ways to analyze this table. Firstly (at least for Carlos), the first and third column are full. This means there are two vertical arrows of individuality. If one is European and/or American, then one reads from left to right. Yes, Carlos is included in this group. This is why he mentions the 1, 2, 3 first. Secondly, is the last column, which includes the 7, 8, 9.

Columns – Introduction

In each column there are 3 cells. Each cell resides on its own plane. This means, the Arrow of the Planner, travels through 3 planes: the 1 resides on the Physical Plane, the 2 resides on the Spiritually Emotional Plane, the 3 resides on the Mental Plane. Each plane includes 3 cells. This means, the 3 rows form their own unique plane. The plane also includes all cells in the same row.

1, 2, 3 – Arrow of the Planner

This arrow goes from the individualistic 1, through the harmoniously intuitive 2, and the head of the arrow appears in the same cell as the 3. The 3 is the first of the mental numbers. It weaves wisdom, experiences, and people into a somewhat cohesive whole. As the name suggests, this grants someone the ability to form a plan.

7, 8, 9 – Arrow of Activity

This arrow starts with the 7 and ends with the head of the arrow in 9’s cell. The 7 resides in the same plane as the 1. Its name is the Physical Plane. The 2 and 8 are on opposites sides of the Emotionally spiritual Plane. Then the 3 and 9 appear on the Mental Plane. The 7 is emotionally stoic. It loves to learn by doing. This means 7 on its own is reluctant to learn from others. Instead it enjoys teaching others by showing them how things are done. Then the 8, which is the last of the numbers on the Emotionally Spiritual Plane / Spiritually Emotional Plane, links wisdom and perceptiveness. Of note, is the 8 when broken down includes 3 twos or 2 fours. This means, at certain times, 8 is highly intuitive. At other times, 8 is dispassionate and cold thanks to the 4 residence on the Physical Plane. Lastly and frequently quite importantly, is the head of the arrow, 9. 9 has 3 threes. The 3 keywords associated with the 9 are ambition, idealism, and responsibility.

Overall, the arrow makes use of what Carlos calls buzzwords. Each cell includes 2 or more buzzwords. The 7 includes reluctance to learn from others and a strong need to learn by doing. Then the 8 includes wisdom, perception, dispassion, and logic. Lastly, the 9 includes ambition, idealism, and responsibility. When idealism is tempered by responsibility this brings about wisdom, like the 8. All together, this grants the one whose birthday is March 20, 1978, the ability to become highly active.


The arrow of the planner allows them to plan before doing. Then they activate the arrow of activity to execute the plan. The 3 allows them to learn from their mistakes, and from their successes to continuously progress. Eventually, the triangle mentioned earlier transforms into a circle. At certain times they contemplate the path. At other times they walk the path. Somewhere in this cycle, the 3 becomes active to bring about mental, financial, or mentally financial gain.