Numerology – Name – (First, Last, Middle, and Full)

Versatile / Temperance through name

Here is an example of what Carlos calls the versatile or temperance name numerology chart. It shows the letters needed to fill in the gaps formed by those whose birthday is March 20, 1978. Here is the table:

F, O, X

E, N, W

D, M, V

Fed would be one example. Not a very good example, because who would name their kid Fed. However, it would bring about some stability, thanks to the middle column being full. This name includes the Arrow of the Will. Whereas the previously mentioned table for March 20, 1978, has the empty column. Thanks to this, it has the Arrow of Frustration.

Arrow of the Will – DEF (4, 5, 6)

Whether the name is Fed or Def, the Arrow of the Will is formed. Though the order may influence when this person emphasizes each letter and its spiritual effects. The 4 resides in the middle of the Physical Plane. Then comes the 5, which resides in the middle of the Spiritually Emotional Plane. Lastly, the 6 appears (in the form of the “F”) on the Mental Plane.

The 5 prevents the most numbers from becoming isolated. It prevents 5 numbers (if one includes the 5) from being isolated. Plus it resides at the heart of the spiritual plane. This grants much freedom to express oneself with emotions. Whereas the 4 and 6 (if one includes the 4 or 6 respectively) prevent 4 numbers from being isolated. The 4 appears at the tail end of the arrow. It is intensely practical. Lastly, the 6 forms the head of this arrow. It is creative.

Overall, the arrow goes from intensely practical, through emotionally individualistic expressiveness, and ends with creativity. This arrow creates practicality tempered by a strong need to express one’s emotions.


First, it is useful to note, the name is not nearly as intense as the birth date. This means, even though Carlos wishes it were simpler, merely including a name like Baghic would fall short of double intensification. It would certainly intensify the effects of having 03/20/1978 as a birthday. Here is the table showing these letters placement:







This table also includes the same two arrows as was mentioned for the birthday March 20, 1978. They are:

Arrow of the Planner

Arrow of Activity

Plus it includes the empty arrow as well. It is:

Arrow of Frustration – Absence of D, E, and F (4, 5, 6).