February 2, 2023

Exploring Cancer's Tarot Card: The Chariot

Exploring the Symbolism of The Crab and The Tarot Chariot


The symbolism of the astrological crab and the tarot chariot is rich and varied, offering a plethora of insight into our lives and our relationships with the world around us. The crab symbolizes the cycles of life; its carapace, or hard outer shell, shields us from the hardships and dangers we encounter along our journey. The Tarot Chariot is a powerful symbol of the movement, representing our ability to take control over our destiny as we traverse through life’s challenges.

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The Astrological Crab


The astrological sign of Cancer is represented by a crab, a creature that lives its entire life in water. Water has long been associated with emotions, intuition, and inner strength - all qualities that are essential for navigating life’s challenges. As such, those born with the sign of Cancer are known for their deep sense of empathy and emotional awareness. They are compassionate individuals who can be both intuitively wise beyond their years or surprisingly naive in certain situations.


Those born under this sign also possess an innate ability to survive any difficulty they may encounter on their path; much like a crab’s hard outer shell protects them from harm in ocean waters, so too does Cancerians protect themselves from harm by retreating into their shells when overwhelmed by intense emotions or difficult circumstances - an ability that allows them to maintain focus on what truly matters in life. Additionally, they are highly adaptive creatures - capable of adapting to new situations quickly while still managing to stay true to themselves - traits that make them excellent problem solvers and resilient individuals.

The tarot card known as The Chariot is associated with ambition and courage


– symbolizing one's ability to move confidently forward despite any obstacles one may face along the way. It speaks to our capacity for self-discipline and determination when it comes to reaching our goals; it encourages us not to give up even when things get tough – but rather take hold of the reins firmly in hand so that we can steer ourselves towards success no matter how difficult the journey may be. Additionally, this card represents taking responsibility for one’s own destiny; it cautions against relying too heavily on external sources for guidance or support as ultimately each individual must determine what course will bring them closer to personal fulfillment.


In addition to these qualities, however, The Chariot also reminds us that there will be times when we must rely on others for assistance if we want to reach our desired destination; sometimes having someone alongside us can provide much-needed encouragement or direction during moments when we feel lost or stuck in place – reminding us that it's not only possible but necessary at times for us seek out help if needed without losing sight of who we really are at heart nor compromising our own sense of autonomy along the way.

Overall then, both symbols suggest an individual capable of not only surviving life’s turbulent waves but thriving within them as well


– equipped with inner strength derived from emotional awareness coupled with ambition fueled by determination & courage. By combining these two powerful symbols together then those born under this sign have all the tools necessary for mastering whatever challenge lies before them – whether it be achieving personal success or simply finding peace within oneself - allowing them to explore new horizons while still staying true to themselves no matter where their journey might lead them next!