February 2, 2023

Secrets of the Virgo Tarot Card: The Hermit

The Hermit: Uncovering the Secrets of the Virgo Tarot Card


The Hermit is one of the most mysterious and intriguing figures on the Tarot deck. This card is associated with the astrological sign Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. The Hermit stands alone, illuminated by a single lamp in hand, gazing off into the unknown distance, searching for meaning and understanding.

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The Hermit has been interpreted in many ways over time.


He has been seen as a representation of inner wisdom, spiritual guidance, and individual growth. He also symbolizes an invitation to go within and find your own truth without relying on external sources or influences. The Hermit can also be seen as a guide for those seeking solitude or contemplation in order to gain greater insight into their life path and purpose.


The Virgo energy associated with The Hermit encourages us to take time for ourselves so that we can look within and get clarity on our goals and desires in life. This card reminds us that we have all the answers inside us if we take the time to look within ourselves for them. It invites us to seek out our own personal truth without relying on someone else’s opinion or advice but instead trusting our own intuition and inner knowingness about what direction our lives should take.


The Hermit’s lamp symbolizes the illumination of knowledge that comes from deep introspection and self-reflection - rather than external sources such as books or teachers.

 This card encourages us to trust our innate wisdom and be guided by it rather than following anyone else’s path – this includes being open-minded enough to try new things even if they seem strange or uncomfortable at first!


The Virgo energy of The Hermit brings forth many positive attributes such as practicality, detail orientation, organization skills, intelligence, and analytical thinking – all qualities necessary for success in any field of endeavor! It also encourages us to take care of ourselves physically (eating healthily etc) so that we have more energy available for tackling challenging tasks throughout our day-to-day lives.


This card reminds us that taking time out for ourselves is essential if we want to live an authentic life;


one where we are connected with our true selves rather than being led astray by outside influences that may not necessarily lead down a path beneficial for us personally or spiritually speaking!


It can be easy to become overwhelmed by too much information from external sources such as media outlets or social media platforms, but this card invites us back into ourselves so that we can make sense of it all without becoming overwhelmed! This is why it is important to take breaks from consuming too much information from outside sources – even if it’s just taking fifteen minutes each day away from technology – because this helps keep perspective on what really matters in life: discovering who you are deep down inside yourself!

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(Misero The Begger from Mantegna Tarot)

The Hermit teaches us that true wisdom comes from within; not from others' opinions but rather through self-exploration & discovery – embracing both light & dark aspects within yourself & coming out stronger & wiser on the other side! It encourages patience & persistence when striving towards achieving goals (whether big or small) & encourages reminding ourselves continually why these goals are important/valuable/rewarding.



In conclusion, The Hermit tarot card offers many valuable lessons when taken seriously: trusting your own intuition above all else while taking time out regularly (even just fifteen minutes!) away from distractions like technology so you can reconnect with your authentic self; staying focused on your desired outcome while keeping yourself organized & motivated along the way; embracing both light & dark aspects within yourself while maintaining patience during times of difficulty; finally allowing yourself space & freedom away from outside influence when seeking knowledge/wisdom, All these lessons remind one just how powerful self-reflection truly is!