Tarot Card for Capricorn

Wat is the Tarot Card for Capricorn?

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Tarot Card for Capricorn
Tarot Card for Capricorn

Tarot Card for Capricorn: A Journey into Capricorn's Mystic World

Unveiling the essence of the tarot card for Capricorn requires delving into the rich tapestry of the zodiac sign's character and symbolism. As an Earth sign, Capricorn, symbolized by the sea goat, seeks stability, exhibits strong determination, and pursues lofty ambitions. Capricorn's essence is perfectly reflected in its associated Tarot card, The Devil.

The Tarot Card for Capricorn: The Devil

Contrary to common perception, The Devil, as a tarot card for Capricorn, doesn't signify evil or misfortune. Instead, it signifies the Capricorn's tendency to be materially inclined, focusing on worldly accomplishments and, sometimes, being chained by these obsessions. It's a call for understanding the importance of spiritual freedom and personal growth.

Understanding the History of Tarot Cards

Before delving deeper into Capricorn's tarot card, let's embark on a journey to explore the origins of tarot cards. Born in the Middle Ages, tarot cards initially served as playing cards before transforming into spiritual tools used for divination.

The Devil Tarot Card: Symbolism and Interpretation

A tarot card for Capricorn, The Devil, is rich with symbolism. Its image features a devil-like figure and two chained characters, reflecting the potential for self-enslavement to material desires. The upward-pointing pentagram on the Devil's forehead symbolizes the Capricorn's inclination towards the material realm. This card invites Capricorns to examine their attachments and invites liberation from self-imposed chains.

When drawn in a tarot reading, Capricorns need to decipher its implications. Interpreting the Devil card requires understanding Capricorn's inherent qualities and life's context. For a free love reading interpretation, you might want to read more on how to interpret your free love reading.

How to Use the Tarot Card for Capricorn

A tarot card drawing for Capricorn can provide guidance on life’s many facets. However, the Devil card's energy should not be feared but understood. When this card appears in a reading, it’s an opportunity for introspection, a call to break free from self-imposed shackles and embrace growth and freedom.

Capricorn and the Earth Element

As an earth sign, Capricorns seek stability, are practical, and are grounded. Their earthly nature supports their hard-working demeanor and an ambitious spirit. Understanding the elemental influence of Earth on Capricorn can provide further insights into the meaning and significance of the Devil tarot card for Capricorn.

The Importance of Tarot Card Cleansing

A vital aspect of tarot reading is the cleansing of tarot cards. This practice helps to clear any accumulated negative energies, ensuring clear, unbiased readings. You can learn more about the significance and methods of how to cleanse tarot cards for the best results.

Compatibility of Capricorn with Other Zodiac Signs

The energy of the tarot card for Capricorn, the Devil, also has implications for Capricorn's relationships with other zodiac signs. With its ambitious and practical nature, Capricorn can form successful relationships with certain signs. For instance, the compatibility between Libra and Capricorn is defined by the balance Libra can bring to Capricorn's intense ambition.


The tarot card for Capricorn, the Devil, serves as a mirror, reflecting Capricorn’s deep-seated desires, ambition, and the possible pitfalls of material obsession. It is a call for Capricorns to pursue personal growth, release self-imposed chains, and strive for spiritual freedom. Thus, the Devil tarot card is not a symbol of evil, but a beacon guiding Capricorns towards a well-rounded, balanced existence.

Understanding the intricate connection between Capricorn and its tarot card allows a deeper understanding of this zodiac sign’s nature. As with all tarot readings, it is important to remember the Devil tarot card should be seen as a guide, not a determinant of one's fate. The power to shape our lives always lies within us.

What is the tarot card for Capricorn?

The tarot card associated with Capricorn is The Devil. It mirrors the potential pitfalls of the Capricorn's materialistic tendencies and their drive for worldly success.

Does the Devil card symbolize evil?

Contrary to popular belief, the Devil tarot card does not symbolize evil. It represents attachment to the materialistic aspects of life and the need for spiritual liberation.

Why is the Devil card associated with Capricorn?

The Devil card is associated with Capricorn because it captures the Capricorn's ambition, persistence, and sometimes their tendency to be overly focused on material accomplishments.

How can a Capricorn use the Devil tarot card for guidance?

When drawn in a reading, the Devil card can serve as a wake-up call for Capricorns, encouraging them to evaluate their life choices and whether they are chained by their ambitions or materialistic desires. It promotes introspection and personal growth.

Can the Devil card predict love outcomes for Capricorn?

The Devil card doesn't predict specific outcomes but provides insights. In a love reading, it might suggest the need for a Capricorn to balance their materialistic pursuits with their relationships.

How does the element of Earth influence Capricorn's tarot reading?

As an Earth sign, Capricorns are grounded, practical, and hard-working. Their earthy nature could make them susceptible to the themes of the Devil card like material obsession and hard work at the expense of personal freedom.

Is Capricorn compatible with Libra?

Capricorn can have a successful relationship with Libra, who can provide balance to Capricorn's relentless ambition. You can read more about their compatibility here.

How often should a Capricorn draw a tarot card?

The frequency of tarot readings is a personal choice. It can range from daily to monthly or whenever guidance is needed.

Is it essential to cleanse the tarot cards?

Yes, cleansing tarot cards is essential as it helps remove accumulated negative energy and ensures accurate readings. Learn more about it here.

What are some other tarot cards that might be relevant to a Capricorn?

All tarot cards carry potential messages for a Capricorn. However, the Pentacles suit is often associated with earth signs like Capricorn due to its emphasis on material wealth and physical aspects of life.

What does a reversed Devil card mean for a Capricorn?

A reversed Devil card can signify breaking free from chains, overcoming obsessions, or taking the first steps towards a healthier path.

How should a Capricorn react to the Devil card in a love reading?

In a love reading, the Devil card may suggest the need for balance. Capricorns might need to reassess their priorities and ensure their ambitions are not overshadowing their relationships.

How can Capricorns overcome the negative aspects of the Devil card?

Capricorns can overcome the negative aspects of the Devil card by practicing self-awareness, cultivating balance, and prioritizing spiritual growth over material pursuits.

Can other zodiac signs draw the Devil card?

Absolutely, any zodiac sign can draw the Devil card in a tarot reading. The card's interpretation will depend on the context of the question and the individual's life.

How should Capricorns interpret the Devil card in a career reading?

In a career reading, the Devil card might suggest that a Capricorn is feeling trapped in their job or is overly focused on their career. It's a call for reassessment and possible